December 31, 2020

Advanced Home Health Burlington Team Delivers a Christmas Miracle

The Advanced Home Health Burlington team delivered a Christmas miracle for client Alyssa B. Alyssa is a happy 9-year-old who enjoys dancing and recently began receiving home therapy after being injured in a car accident. She and her grandmother were on their way to deliver items to donate to hospice. Her grandmother did not survive the accident. It’s been a difficult time for this little girl – her mother has liver cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy, and because her father’s work increased his exposure to the coronavirus, Alyssa and her mother stayed with her grandmother. Losing her grandmother was especially hard because she was considered the glue that held the family together while dealing with the need to distance.

The Advanced team immediately went into action to help this family. Patient Care Manager Meghan Smith ensured that the insurance authorizations were in place to begin care, and Patient Care Manager Jill Gerringer reached out to the Advanced team to help give Alyssa a happy Christmas. In just two days, they raised more than $650 to purchase toys, blankets, toiletries, a massage for mom, and a gift card to help pay for bills, groceries, and expenses. During a physical therapy visit, Jill, Therapist Lynn Collins, and Patient Care Manager Melynda Kimber made a special delivery to Alyssa and her mom. Alyssa asked if she could open one of her gifts with everyone there, and the gift she selected turned out to be a Barbie glamper. Alyssa’s mom pulled the group aside and shared with them that Alyssa’s grandmother, who passed away, had planned on purchasing that exact gift for Alyssa.

“What an incredible miracle, that we got the exact gift her grandma was planning to, and that Alyssa chose that gift to open with all of us there,” said Jill. “There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as we felt the presence of Alyssa’s grandmother among us.”

From the referral and insurance verification to contributing financially and pulling together to help this family, this is just one example of how the Advanced team cares deeply for the patients and the families they serve.