Woman sitting on edge of bed with walker connected to IV speaking with a nurse


Home Infusion

About Us

Advanced Home Infusion is a specialty infusion company focused on providing complex pharmaceutical products and clinical services to patients outside of the hospital. This market is expanding rapidly and is driven by increasing healthcare costs that are moving patients into the most cost-effective delivery settings, a growing bio-pharmaceutical pipeline of infusible and injectable medications, an aging population and the recent addition of a Medicare benefit for these products and services.

Our Home Infusion services are offered in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

What is Specialty Infusion?

  • Specialty infusion therapy services primarily involve the intravenous administration of medications that treat a wide range of acute and chronic health conditions such as infections, auto-immune illnesses, cancer, pain, multiple sclerosis, hemophilia and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Medications are compounded in a sterile clean room environment, dispensed under the supervision of a local registered pharmacist and delivered directly to the patient’s home.
  • Advanced Home Infusion coordinates visits by a registered nurse, the frequency of which is dependent on the treatment type and the patient or caregiver’s ability to safely administer the medication.
  • These drugs do not fit into the retail drug distribution model as they are high-cost, may need special handling and require extensive patient training and/or administration by a clinician.
  • Patients are generally referred by physicians, hospital discharge planners, home-health agencies and managed care organizations.


Our Therapies

Immune Globulin Therapy

Experience a better quality of life with individualized Ig therapy and support from local, physician-trusted experts. Infusions are given and monitored by an experienced RN. We customize our services to meet each patient’s needs and provide ongoing assistance and support.

IV Antibiotics

Our experts provide clinical oversight to assist with drug therapy optimization and make recommendations to support physicians on dose adjustments or drug modifications.

Parenteral Nutrition and Enteral Nutrition

Patients appreciate local care, personal attention and the comfort of knowing an experienced registered dietitian is overseeing their nutrition goals. At Advanced Home Infusion, we advocate for you and collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide you with the most thorough nutrition evaluations and recommendations.

Inotrope Therapy

Our specialty pharmacy calculates and mixes dosage according to your physician’s orders and supplies directly to your home.

Clotting Factor

Our experienced clinicians stringently manage product inventory & ordering, and reduce bleeding episodes through correct dosing.

Chronic Inflammatory Conditions

Our physician-trusted experts in specialty medications provide the highest quality of care in the comfort of your home or in an Ambulatory Infusion Suite in select locations.

Specialty Medications

Our team of pharmacists, certified pharmacy technicians and experienced reimbursement specialists provide complex pharmaceutical products and clinical services through infusible, injectable and oral specialty medications.


What Sets Us Apart

Committed to excellent service, our vision is to combine the administrative efficiencies of a large organization with the flexibility, responsiveness and entrepreneurial spirit of a local provider. Our local model assures the responsiveness, quality and personal touch they expect:

  • Individualized patient care
  • Ongoing communication with physicians and patients
  • Local pharmacies for easy refills or changes
  • 24/7 clinical support
  • Unparalleled education-based program

Advanced Home Infusion is in-network with most providers and offers:

  • Timely insurance verification expediting patient care
  • Coordinated pharmacy, nursing and home care
  • A designated clinician with personal insight
  • Clinical feedback in case your patients need therapy modification
  • Unparalleled patient education and training