February 3, 2021

Pet Bowl Helps Patients Independently Care for Pets

Often the difference between good care and great care is whether providers are considering every aspect of the patient’s life when creating a care program. Occupational Therapy Assistant Matthew Noble understands that for some patients being a pet owner is an important part of their life. For many patients, seemingly simple tasks like feeding their pets can prove challenging, especially if they are wheelchair-bound or unable to bend over.

When one of Matthew’s patients faced this challenge, Matthew recalled learning about an adaptive pet container while he was in school and drew from that experience to create a solution. Combining innovative thinking and some household items such as a broom, plastic pet bowl, and a box cutter, he created an adaptive pet bowl. The broomstick handle allows the patient to pick up the pet bowl with ease and fill it with water and food.

We are proud to have clinicians like Matthew who embody our mission of helping patients re-establish their independence and live the best life possible. “As a fellow pet owner, I can’t imagine not being able to properly feed my four-legged companion who provides me daily entertainment and sometimes emotional support, which is very important in the process of providing therapy for our patients,” said Matthew.